Bonus Expierence

  • Current player bonus expierence: 150
  • Allowed bonus expierence for level 1: 300

Bonus Expierence

Welcome to the Four Points Campaign Wiki page for bonus expierence. Here you will find any information that relates to bonus experience in the Four Points Campaign.

What is bonus expierence? Bonus expierence, hereon referred to as xp, is xp gained through other means then combat or quests.

How do I gain bonus xp? There are several different ways to gain bonus xp in the Four Points Campaign, the following will explain how, why, when and how much xp you get.

A character may gain 1/3 of the needed experience for a level through bonus xp, after that limit is reached the extra xp will be given either as gold or some other form of compensation.

  • Role-play expierence: While role-playing is needed in this game, going above and beyond the required amount will grant you bonus xp. Some ideas are speaking like your character, sticking strictly to the beliefs of you character and so on. The amount of xp gained will be decided by the DM.
  • Personalized mini: While its easy to just grab any old miniature out of the box and go, crafting your own shows you plan to keep this character around. Since this is not a mini contest, craftsmanship will not apply too much, painting 3” figures is rather hard so the DM shouldn’t expect masterpieces. Though if it is visible that the mini was just thrown together, it will not grant any bonus xp and may result in a loss of xp. The amount gained is 100xp for the 1st time the mini is brought and 10xp from thereon after.
  • Posting adventure logs: When someone misses a game, it is usually up to the DM to fill this person in. Though the DM shouldn’t mind doing this, you can help out your DM, the other player and your character by posting adventure logs of each session. Things that should be included are important or key events, places or people, some dialect between people and an overall summary of the session. The amount gained is 100xp for each adventure log of each session.
  • Writing adventure idea summaries: While players are required to write at least one personalized adventure idea summary, you can help out the DM and have a part in creating Aranthel and the Four Points Campaign by submitting Adventure Idea Summaries. The amount gained is 50 per A.I.S and an extra 100xcurrent-character level if the adventure is used.

More options to come!

A quick note on xp: While this page is about gaining bonus xp, it is possible to lose xp. Unfriendly player behavior, consistent disruption of the game and posting bogus adventure logs are just some of the ways to lose xp. Consult you DM for the full list.

Bonus Expierence

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